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John OKeefe
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Texans need to understand the importance of transparency. We give the government our trust, and they have the responsibility to let us know what they do.

To take back our government we need to ask for more information about the debt government is taking on and how they are spending our tax dollars.

Just by asking a few questions or attending a public meeting, we arm ourselves with more information to hold government accountable.

We need to make sure government transparency does not stop at the federal and state levels. What do you know about your city, county or school district? How are they taxing you and spending your money? Do they post information online? Or do they make it hard to find out?

Tax dollars are our money and we have the right to know how it’s being spent. We deserve to know exactly how much we owe, yet there is still so much work to be done to keep all levels of government open, honest and accountable.

Help by showing your support. Sign our petition for TexasTransparency Now.

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