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Texas Heritage Parkway Impact Resolution

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January 27, 2022


In collaboration with many of our neighborhood CCR residents, specifically in The Brooks, The Pond, and Wren Landing, I would like to present to you several concerns we have with the latest development of the Texas Heritage Parkway directly behind our homes.

1. Lack of Privacy

We are deeply concerned with the elevation of the parkway in relation to our backyards and homes. The parkway is level to the top of our six (6) foot fence line. We no longer have any type of privacy in our homes, and we feel violated by our lost privacy. We have construction workers and vehicles (parked along the parkway). There are also pedestrians walking on the sidewalks who can see into our homes and sometimes they even “wave” at us. People driving by in their vehicles can see directly into our back windows and doors. This also brings up another concern for a potential increase in crime such as home invasions, theft, vandalism, etc., since non-residents of our own neighborhood have a clear view into our homes. By having our privacy now taken away, we can’t go outside and enjoy our backyards and our homes.

2. Lack of Safety

Now that the parkway is open we have seen and heard cars drag racing and it has become a huge problem. These drag racers are out at all hours of the night and it has gotten to the point where the police have been contacted to rectify the situation. This has added additional concerns that one or more of these vehicles can lose control and crash into our homes and endanger our residents’ lives and cause property damage or even crash into the lake. The final grade elevation of the sidewalk and road also present the hazard of criminals having easy access and line of site into our yards and houses.

3. Parkway Noise

Traffic on this parkway is much more that what we all expected. The parkway has become the main thoroughfare to one of the largest interstate highways in the country, I-10. We have also been made aware of a planned construction of apartment complexes off of the round-a-bout less than a half a mile up the parkway. With this new development of apartments this will impact us due to the amount of increased traffic and noise from the parkway. Right now, we only have low lying bushes and young immature trees sparsely placed throughout and does not even act as any type of noise barrier. Having all the parkway noise and traffic from the parkway was not our understanding or expectation.

4. Obtrusive Lighting

Since the construction of the parkway has been completed tall light poles were place behind our backyards and they shine intrusively into our bedrooms and lighting up properties like a ‘football field’. The bright lights make it difficult when trying to sleep or rest in our bedrooms. We have not observed lighting of this style or intense lighting so close to private properties in surrounding communities.

We would like to present the following suggestions as possible solutions to rectify these problems that we are experiencing.

For safety and our privacy, we would like to propose 10’-12’ privacy walls and at least 15’ mature trees planted in close proximity to provide a solid hedge for our privacy, protection and noise reduction. We were told Wax Myrtles and Pines would be planted, neither are there now.

As far as lighting, some sort of mitigation of the fluorescent lights in our yards and bedroom windows would be much appreciated. We would like to propose night sky deflectors and amber lighting for the lights directly behind our fences. If the deflectors are already in place, they are inadequate. The deflectors need to guide the light towards the street and not our yards and windows. There are also ways to dim the lights in addition to the deflectors as another option.

Thank you for your review in these issues we have presented for your consideration. We look forward to your prompt response and amicable resolutions to these matters that we have outlined in this letter of petition.

Please find the attached list of signatures of our CCR residents that are in collaboration with these issues and seeking resolution.

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