Alex Jones is a domestic terrorist & a danger to society!

Candace Arlette
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Alex Jones - of The Alex Jones Channel - Infowars & Prison Planet is paranoid and delusional! He is a danger to society and a fear monger - calling out to the American people to rise up and start a revolution before the government takes away their liberties and throws them in FEMA camps. The list goes on and on, but I only have 1000 characters or less to explain this petition! If you've heard of Alex Jones, then I don't need to explain! Alex Jones is a domestic terrorist and needs to be put into a FEMA camp - where he can no longer scare people and twist them into paranoid/delusional psychopaths like himself! Help protect the public & silence Alex Jones!



  • Jack h.
    Jack h. United States, Lafayette
    Feb 06, 2014
    Feb 06, 2014
    You are an asshole and you are the one who belongs in a Russian camp.


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    Jack h. United States
    4 years ago
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    Charlie Anderson United States
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