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Stop capitalizing heartland provision shop

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This petition is started to bring awareness to the neighborhood community resident residing at and around Blk 468B Admiralty Drive. It have come to my knowledge that our good and cheap source of product, our dear heartland provision shop - Teo Chuan Kee Mini-Mart, will be handing over the shop to 'Shop & Save'. This mini-mart had been providing the surrounding residences cheap source of household product for about half a decade. Base on my understanding, the boss 'Derrickâ' and their staffs whom my family and a lot of family have grew to know and have had no intention of vacating this shop. Even both my son of 3 & half yr old and 21 months have grown to like him and his staffs because of their friendliness. The mini-mart will cease operation with effect from 24th Sept 09. In its replacement you will get, an all powerful backing min-mart, with none friendly faces with average or higher than provision shop price. In this current economy and time, it makes me wonder why the Town council would or HDB insisted on vacating them and thus depriving us, the residence, of such a good source for cheap and good household products which we need on a daily basics.


Neighborhood resident @ Blk 469 Admiralty




  • 8 years ago
    Gabriel Lim Singapore
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Shop & Save Singapore
    8 years ago
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    huang zhenhui Singapore
    8 years ago

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