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Tennessee Patriots Vote NO CONFIDENCE In Governor Bill Lee

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Due to the "Actions" and "Non-Actions" taken by Governor Bill Lee of the State of Tennessee, We the People of the State of Tennessee hereby declare a Vote of No Confidence in said Governor.
We the undersigned deem Governor Lee has repeatedly, thru his actions and non-actions refused to represent We the People of this great state. With that, he has placed federal relief funding ahead of the desires of the People he serves.
He has refused to call a Special Session of the Legislature to address Federal overreach regarding Covid.
He has allowed unvetted refugees to enter the state in exchange for federal funds and thus has endangered the People of the State.
He has allowed Public School Boards and Public Health Departments across the state to make health decisions for the People, rather than allowing the people to decide what is best suited for themselves.
Executive Orders and Mandates are not law; they violate people's individual rights of choice.
Unscrupulous agendas have been decided by the Executive Branch. Using taxpayer dollars to fund an initiative of a vaccine that is only available under an EUA to this day, to be mandated, even tho it has not been approved by any certifiable accredited body. This violates the United States Constitution and the Sovern State of Tennessee Constitution.
All these entities, such as the Knox County School Board, have basically reinstituted segregation back into the school system. Groups that rival the Gestapo of World War II, greet students each morning, dividing them by "mask status", belittling those that refuse to CONFORM. The only reason the schools are pursuing the mask mandates, is because to qualify for ESSER funding under the tyranny of the federal government, they are required to. It is all about the money, nothing about actual health concerns.
Governor Lee’s JOB requires that he assist in protecting the State from FEDERAL OVER REACH, the Constitution declares as such.
He has made himself unavailable and has ignored the desires of those he serves, the People of the State of Tennessee.
As his employer, We The People have concluded Governor Bill Lee a traitor of the State and issue this vote of NO CONFIDENCE and hereby demand resignation of Governorship effective immediately.
Let this also serve as NOTICE to the ALL Legislators of the state, that there is NO CONFIDENCE in the Legislative Branch, since it is proven they also no longer support the Will of the People. We also express directly No Confidence in the LT. Governor, and would see the Governorship pass to the Speaker of the Senate, upon Bill Lee's resignation.

The actions being called for by this petition are as follows:

1) Bill Lee resign as Governor, or at the very minimum, that he consider himself, One and Done.

2) That a copy of this signed petition be forwarded to the 45th President, Donald J Trump, asking he rescind his endorsement of Bill Lee.

3) That the State Legislature recognize that We the People are THEIR EMPLOYER, that they answer to us, not special interest, or the Federal Government's over reach.

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