State Of Tennessee Labor Redress

James Sollis
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Due to massive unemployment within our state, We the people of the State of Tennessee would like to voice our concern about products sold within our state by non-U.S. companies. In an effort to increase employment within our state, We would like a ban/embargo on all items, services, and products which are not produced or supplied by U.S. companies located WITHIN the fifty states, and employing less than 80% American citizens on all levels of it's staffing and management. This ban will also include any and all products with parts and components NOT meeting the above requirements: made by company located within the fifty states and employing not less than 80% American citizens on ALL levels of it's staff and management. If we want an American labor force, we must have product made by Americans to be bought by Americans. We request that all items NOT meeting this criteria be banned from sale, resale, or distribution within our state.

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