Tenants Against Landlord/Sierra Vista Apartments

Nina Lowe
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-I would like to talk about the Sierra Vista Apartment where I stay, First, tenants and I live in an eviroment that is not liviable for our children and the elderly.I Nina Lowe have been in the Sierra Vista Apartments for 7 years and i know that since i lived here their has been a continual water leaks/floods, bed bugs,roaches,rats etc. The have also had snakes in their building. The landlord has abused her authority by evicting people without court dates and also have given her children jobs on the payrol and off payrol. The office clerk has also used petty cash to bail people out of jail. The landlord has also their heaters' and air cooler have gotten our children sick in the summer and the winter. The landlord would do inspections before CHFA would come and still wouldn't nothing be done and their hopes are that CHFA would say hey, we wont pay their rent. I Nina Lowe is here to be the Voice for the tenants/woman,children and the elderly.The landlord also has the police patroling our neighborhood and enforceing that we stay in our apartments or else we will get a ticket for loitering.Landlord also tows low-income families car's are the parking lot/when they wouldn't have the money right then and their for their tags or expired tags. All i'm asking is for someone to help me and join us in this petiton against landlords who abuse their authority. Please help us in this petiton.





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