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Temporarily Close Downtown CRG Locations

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June 2, 2020

This letter is for whoever needs to hear it in CRG.

BruBurger has been my home, my FAMILY for the last 4 years. The people I have worked with and served have dramatically changed me into who I am today. I love and care more about this job than I ever have in my life and it's because of those people. With all that is happening, this family is scared. We have been exhausted and dealing with quarantine and the uncertainties it brought. WE have been scared we will be evicted from our homes. WE have pulled one another up, crisis after crisis through those 10 LONG weeks. BELIEVE THAT! And the message this family has received upon returning is: return now or lose your unemployment and never work for CRG again. This is how it has been expressed to us. WE feel threatened. Returning to work after those 10 weeks has been an adjustment for all. But our city and our country is in crisis. This family is in crisis. And we continue to come into work, scared. I think it is grossly unethical that CRG is choosing to gain profits over keeping their guests and employees safe. I am writing this because I have spoken out and not been heard. Because others in this family have spoken out and not been heard. This is not ok. WE are in crisis, WE are being traumatized by what is happening to our community in front of our own eyes. And yet you profit. If this family has done anything for me, they have lifted me up in my own power and love. I am a mother of two young children but my Bru family is also like my children. And you are hurting them. You are hurting me. And as a mother, I can’t watch my babies be hurt anymore. I am pleading to you that you temporarily close your downtown CRG locations. The city is on fire. The minority is screaming out about the systematic injustice that has been happening since the founding of this country. Not once but twice I have asked our management team to hire a more diverse team. And after conversations with our Bru fam, I am not the only one who has addressed this obvious problem. But Sunday, I welcomed our 3 new young white employees onto our staff. And they are now family, believe that, but YOUR business no longer represents YOUR community. This is what people are screaming for. The message we are receiving is that rather than keep your employees safe at home, with unemployment protecting them from eviction, you’d rather profit. It’s unfathomable. I am pleading that you lead with compassion, love and honesty during this time. Stop hurting my family, I am begging you.

Erin Seacat

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