TellHollywoodTo Stop Giving Jobs Away to the British!

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   American TV airwaves, at the moment, are awash with a rash of imports and remakes; whether actors, presenters and journalists or the shows themselves.
   In a recession like we have recently seen, the cherry on the top is turning on your television and hearing a British, Australian or foreign accent.
    Over 50% of all television, movies and performance media now have foreigners ruining our airwaves. This is America! I would like to hear an American accent! it does not matter what race, gender, age just that you have an American accent.
    Coming home after work or turning on the television and hearing these accents are abusive, giving these jobs away at a time of recession is just pathetic!
    Hollywood fat cats seem to be enamored with foreigners and seem to think that American's are not capable of the job. There are many American's capable of acting, singing, hosting.... etc etc. This is America's last industry, let's keep it that way!
    If you are sick and tired of being bombarded with foreign accents please sign this petition! Tell Hollywood to stop giving away our jobs, give an American a chance!




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