Tell the St. Louis Police Department NO surveillance drones!!

Denise  Rojas
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The St. Louis Police Department is determined to encroach on ordinary citizen's rights by requesting that the FAA allow the use of surveillance drones in our city. This is crossing the line! We have police and traffic cameras everywhere, now they want to invade our privacy. This is just one more way to take away any anonymity that we have. Law abiding citizens should not have to look over their shoulder wondering if they are being watched by one of the invasive drones! We cannot allow our city to be turned into a police state, nor can we afford to have these drones inspiring paranoia and fear into the lives of St. Louisans. These drones will only spark panic, confusion and frustration. Demand that the police do their jobs and not try to rely on drones to do it for them! What we need is more real police bodies in the street, not lifeless drones! Let's stand against this invasion of our privacy and rights and let Chief Dotson know that this will not be accepted in our city!!




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