Tell Seattle City Council to Vote NO on Seattle's $15.00 Minimum Wage

Sylvia Stewart
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Dear Friends and Citizens of Seattle,

The Seattle City Council is getting ready to approve the $15.00 Minimum Wage proposed by the Mayor. The vote will happen on Monday June 2nd.

The Mayor, the Seattle City Council and the Organizers of $15 NOW say this 60% increase in Seattle's minimum wage is the best way to help people who are struggling. But there has been little to no consideration of the negative fallout of this proposal. This will hurt all the small businesses that make our Seattle neighborhoods unique and vibrant by forcing them to shoulder the costs of this proposal. And it will increase prices of goods and services for all Citizens of Seattle.

Not one Seattle City Council Member has spoken for the side opposing the $15 minimum wage. I know there are lots of citizens who are against this proposal.

Please sign this petition if you are against the proposed $15 minimum wage and tell your Seattle City Council Members to vote NO.




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