Tell Freehold MB Car Dealership to STOP Selling Lemons

Harry Doyle
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Car dealers like the Freehold Mercedes-Benz dealership should not be allowed to unload lemons on consumers and get away with it! A car is likely your biggest purchase after your home. Whether you buy a Yugo or a Mercedes-Benz you spend a lot of money on your car and depend on it to get you to work and transport your family safely. Every year in New Jersey, and elsewhere, unscrupulous car dealers sell lemons to consumers and count on the victim not understanding their rights and not having the time to pursue a fair resolution. That’s why so many of these cases are hidden from the public eye. The Freehold Mercedes-Benz dealership is a prime example of this kind of dishonest company and is right now trying to avoid replacing a lemon for a New Jersey family. Sign this petition telling the Freehold Mercedes-Benz dealership to STOP selling lemons to the New Jersey public and stand behind their product!




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