Tell Cleveland No To Johnny Manziel and Josh Mcdaniels

Michael Disantis
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Josh Mcdaniels is nowhere near the answer at coach for the Browns and Johnny Manziel is not an NFL QB, might as well sign Tebow, do not take him with our 4th overall pick! Jake Matthews, Anthony Barr, or Sammy Watkins need to be taken there!



January 6
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  • Devin Waters
    Devin Waters United States, Savannah
    Jan 06, 2014
    Jan 06, 2014
    Save the Browns! And this is coming from a Falcons fan.
  • Michael Disantis
    Michael Disantis United States, Cuyahoga Falls
    Jan 06, 2014
    Jan 06, 2014
    The past two Bellichick prodigies did not work in Cleveland, why get a third?


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