Reinstatement of Linda Altafi to Telegraph Hill Security

Eileen McCarroll
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This document is a petition to ask for the immediate reinstatement of Linda Altafi to her position as Security Guard at Telegraph Landing. We are in agreement that Ms Altafi as met, or exceeded,her employment requirements quite capably during her tenure. In addition, she brings friendly and caring disposition to her role, a bonus appreciated by most. Linda's transfer came as quite a surprise. There was certainly not a consensus that her style and performance were found lacking by the owners. In fact, the general feeling is this move was initiated without informing, or consulting, the community at large. Distributing a simple questionnaire, a method employed by Citiscape in the past would have made this petition unnecessary. We are in receipt of an email from Ms. Atlafi expressing her desire to resume her duties here at Telegraph Landing. The following Telegrah Landing homeowners request her immediate reinstatement:


Telegraph Landing Homeowners




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