Take Action: 140 Foot Cell phone tower to be constructed in Teatown (Croton on Hudson, NY)

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Updated: December 4, 2017

Dear Neighbors,

As you may already know, Verizon has been approved to build a 140 foot cell tower on the Danish Home property. This development on the Danish home property would have an enormous impact on the environment, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the community as a whole.

Items to consider:

There are better alternatives:
  • There’s an Electrical Tower currently being used by another cell phone carrier with co location space 3,000 feet away from the proposed site that’s 60 feet higher! Verizon did NOT include this tower in their ZBA review as required by the town code, nor did they provide any substantial evidence to support why this tower couldn’t be used. Per town code, these towers are required to have space for other carriers to co locate to prevent unnecessary towers from being built. Co location on this electrical tower would be the perfect example of how the town code should be executed and it would resolve Verizon's coverage gap.
  • Additional co-location is available at a number of other existing cell towers that would round out Verizon's coverage. This includes the tower on Route 129, the Croton municipal building, and the Yeshiva tower on Illington road.
    • As of November 2017 this year, Verizon has filed an application to co-locate on the Route 129 tower. We fully support this action, and hope that Verizon will continue by co-locating their antennas on the electrical tower and other available sites before building a new tower.
  • Why is Verizon being allowed to build a NEW tower when the town code clearly puts priority on co location first? All the towers mentioned above are free for use and would close any alleged coverage gaps

Endangering a community:

  • Cell towers are a fire hazard in a community without fire hydrants. Cell towers can catch fire and adding an additional fire risk to our community is un-called for when there are alternatives.
  • The proposed cell tower design would loom over the tree tops and be visible from many of the area’s gems such as the Croton Dam, the Croton Aqueduct and Teatown Lake Reservation trails- especially during the 6 months when there are no leaves on the trees.
  • Due to the above concerns, cell towers reduce the property values of neighboring houses, make them more difficult to sell, and ultimately reduce property tax revenue. This is why other Westchester communities do not allow this in residential areas.
  • Allowing a special permit for this cell tower in our residentially zoned area establishes precedence for adding more commercial installations in the future thus threatening our residential atmosphere.


The board at the Danish home as well as those who run the Danish home have been telling everyone that not many people oppose the tower, so it's OK to build it. Please sign this petition to help us disprove this myth that's being perpetuated. We want the board to know it's more than a few people

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