Cable/Internet Hook-Up Needed for New Tealwood Subdivision Homes

Donnis Henderson
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To Cobridge Communications: 


It has come to our attention that your company recently purchased our cable/internet hook-up area in Hallsville, TX from Charter Communications. When our Tealwood subdivision was first built, cable/internet was installed, but only in a portion of the plats. For whatever reason, cable hook-up was never placed in the areas where future homes were to be built. Now, we the undersigned residents of these new homes, are in desperate need of effective cable/internet hook-up. Some of us have had to rely on satellite internet connection, which for some, has not been effective at all. From a business perspective, your company could gain anywhere from 10-25 customers by providing internet service in our area. We ask that you kindly look into adding cable hook-up in the new homes of Tealwood Subdivision, Hallsville TX.

This petition will be hand-delivered to the president of Cobridge Communications, Marshall, TX on Monday, April 4, 2011. If you support our efforts in requesting Cobridge Communications to pursue cable/internet installation in our area, please add your signature below. In the "Comments" field, indicate your street address.


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