Tavistock Crescent Digital Switchover

James Hamill
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We, the undersigned residents of the Tavistock Crescent Estate, are alarmed that the RBKC Council, with the collusion of the TMO, are forcing through a new satellite television system for our block, forcing us to pay for a new service we neither need nor want.

We note that there has been no consultation. What little information that has been provided appears to have been aimed at misleading residents, for example by promising an opt-out which is now being refused.

While residents believe some minor work may be required for a very few number of flats at Tavistock Crescent who are unable to receive free view, we believe this could be done more cheaply and efficiently than £550 per household quoted (£55 p.a. over a 10 year period). It is our view that the Council is using digital switchover and this expensive proposal as an excuse to rip down private satellite dishes - something the Council could do at any time without forcing us all to pay ongoing charges for an unwanted satellite system.

We do not believe that the Council should become the satellite provider for Tavistock Crescent.

We call on the TMO to defend its residents and demand that the Council halt this programme and carry out a meaningful consultation with Tavistock Crescent Residents.

We also call on our local councillors to call the council to account and halt this programme.





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