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Mary Dougherty
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I'm sure you've seen the signs in the labs, and I'm sure you all have gotten the email from Mr. Wright. You all know that Mp3's, cell phones, and other electronic devices are no longer at our disposal. For some such as myself, this poses a setback in our academic lives. If this doesn't mean anything, feel free to stop reading here, but if it does concern you, keep reading. Even though our schedules are a little more sparse compared to a standard program, many students who have study halls choose to listen to their iPods to focus, and use things that are portable like that for a reason. In some classes, the teachers allow it (as long as they're not talking) and it really does help us during tests and such, don't you think? I think a compromise is reachable, but only if you help me out. Sign here, as well as online, if you wish and make a change. See below for website.




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