Tax Free Land

Adam Monroe
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We should pass a law that every indigenous citizen may own one lot tax free. The largest land owners would wind up paying the rest of the population, individually, for the most valuable lots in the nation. A land value-backed citizens dividend, with almost zero government involvement, would occur, due, basically, solely to the market. Imagine if every child born and every old person in a nursing home suddenly had the right to a chunk of the rental value of one of the most valuable pieces of land in the nation. They would, since the owners of those lots would need someone else to be the legal owner of all their secondary properties and save them 90% of their tax burden on them. Every indigenous citizen would be made co-owner of America, millionaires, every one of us, with the stroke of a pen. No muss, no fuss, nothing to collect, nothing to distribute. Just pass the law: every native may own one lot tax free. We would all be rich forever, effective immediately.




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