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TASL Director Out

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Our Team, GSE entered the Temecula Adult Soccer League (TASL) which is run by its sole director Mario Robles-Richmond.  We paid the abnormal registration fee and began our quest to win games, make it to playoffs and eventually win the championship.  Most importantly, we wanted to have fun and get some exercise while doing so.


We made it to the semi-final game against team Aston Villa.  Before the game started, the teams were seeded according to their standings at the end of regular season play.  GSE was ranked 5th while Aston Villa was ranked 2nd.   The rules to everyone’s knowledge was that during a playoff game if the result of regulation time was a TIE, then the higher seeded team would advance to the Final. 


That semi final game we faced an experienced physical Aston Villa team.  The game went back and forth eventually ending in a 4-4 stalemate.  The referee then explained that in this case, Aston Villa should advance because they are higher seeded.  Both teams walked off the field as the referee went to Mario Robles-Richmond to report the final score.  Mario, knowing rules of the league immediately called both teams back to the field because those rules were not accurate.  He stated that those rules apply to quarterfinal matches played and don’t apply to semifinal matches. 


Both teams were instructed by Mario & the Ref to allocate three players each for a penalty shootout.  Both teams selected their players for the shootout and the shoot out began to crown a winner.  The final result was GSE winning the semifinal match in the Penalty Kick Shootout.  We celebrated for our hard fought win and started thinking about the Finals that were coming up next week.


Aston Villa, refusing to accept defeat, wrote a letter to Mario the following day stating that it was not fair that they lost the match.  We were not sure what their grounds for filing the complaint were as this was not made public to GSE.  Mario contacted GSE managers and said he will need to make a ruling on this complaint.  GSE managers expressed that there should be nothing to be ruled on…..the game has finished with both teams knowing what was at stake during the Penalty Kick shootout and the game was settled and done.


To GSE’s astonishment, Mario ruled to have the teams come out again the day of the Final Match and replay a 10 minute sudden death overtime to see who goes to the final.  Mario never apologized to either team for the mistake that had been made by his league.  GSE expressed their will to not play in this “REDO” game as it violates FIFA rules and the spirit of competition.  Mario had no response to GSE and said his ruling is final. 


Mario, instead of apologizing to ASTON Villa for the mix up in the rules, decided to take  away GSE’s righteous win and handed it back to Aston Villa in the form of an apology.  Well, now we want our apology…….. 


This story is one of many that show the irrational and unchallenged decision making that Mario has done to teams involved in this league.   There have been many that have been cheated by him but are unsure where to seek retribution.  Well, his time has finally come to payback all those he has cheated. 

The soccer players of Temecula have been cheated out of having options of a soccer league to play in.  Mario has monopolized the fields from the city.  The City has recieved numerous valid complaints but was unable to act.  The City will not rent the fields to two different leagues.  They will only  deal with one League.   

Well our situation was the final straw.  We have started this petition not necessarily to stop the TASL, but just to remove Mario as the director of the league.  He charges an absurd amount of money to play in the league, yet refrains from putting any money back in.  The soccer nets are torn which cause controversy whether a goal has been scored or not.  The fields are to be set up by the teams and not the league.  The league doesn’t provide game balls, which causes teams to use their own which 50% of the time get lost during the game.  The refs don’t get the required training re: rules and league conduct (which caused this mess).   The league is chaos and it feels like its getting worse not better. 


Mario has monopolized the fields and he knows it.  He hoards the league fees and doesn’t put anything back in.  The league will not grow, flourish and get better with Mario at the helms.  Mario is running this league strictly like a business with no remorse for his totalitarian rulings.  Most other leagues have a panel of decision makers that discus analyze and formulate  a decision that is in compliance with FIFA rules.  Well this one doesn’t….it has MARIO.  This petition will serve to tell the wonderful City of Temecula that GSE and many others supporters to either:

A)     Have the City Regain control of the league and run it themselves


B)       Allow another league to rent the fields so the players have a choice.


We urge you to read the facts and sign the petition if you agree.  Thank you kindly.


USA Soccer Federation Member since 1988


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