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Brian Cornell and the Target executives are not doing enough to compensate workers for the risks we're taking while providing essential services in this pandemic. The reports from multiple workers of retaliation for trying to practice more safety precautions to protect themselves and their families is not surprising. This is the same company that's consistently told the public how great they treat us workers while cutting our hours, shrinking our checks, and having us scramble to make ends meet. We were already in a crisis as Target workers before this pandemic.

The executives lack transparency and accountability to workers, oftentimes, workers learn about new policy changes from the media long before we are given any information from our direct bosses.. We still haven't received physical copies or documentation detailing what the terms and conditions are for us to qualify for these new policies. According to our survey 3/4th of Target workers are part-time, we don't qualify for healthcare after Target took it away for part-timers back in 2009. We wonder what hoops we'll have to jump through to get any sort of compensation after contracting the virus and potentially being hospitalized or die. Will our families be compensated by Target if one of us dies after exposure from our stores?

Just like with other essential workers we deserve to have PPE. Hand sanitizer and frequent handwashing aren't enough to protect us or our communities shopping in our stores. We need masks, eye protection, gloves, and we need to limit the traffic allowed in the stores, we need to actually practice the six foot rule. We need to engage and stress upon our community members coming into the stores how severe the situation is and for them to be considerate of us workers by limiting the products they touch to only what they're going to buy. We haven't been disinfecting the products on the salesfloor, we haven't been disinfecting returned items from guests, they are still trying on outfits in the fitting rooms, none of which is being disinfected. There are so many shared points of contact, our stores are going to become hotspots to spread the virus, if they aren't already.

There's no real respect or consideration for Target workers from the executives no matter what they say. We continue to take on all the risks for very little compensation, while they get the luxury to socially distance from the safety of their million dollar homes and make profit of our backs. Either we get these demands met or we all call out sick and refuse work.

1. Hazard Pay

2. Take the temperature of all team members entering the building, send people with a fever home

3. Shut down all non-essential departments

4. Make work voluntary, granting paid leave to those who don't volunteer

5. Provide PPE such as N95 masks, gloves, and eye protection for workers, and masks for guests shopping in the store to stop contaminated air

6. Expand OPU and Drive Up orders to include all groceries

7. Limit foot traffic in stores so we can practice the six foot rule



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