Tardniess Policy

carly anderson
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On behalf of the student body and faculty of Sutton Memorial High school, we strongly believe in a modification regarding the policy that states a total of four tardies per quarter will result in an hour long detention. Although a policy regarding tardies and absences is necessary, the current policy dismisses the importance of attendance, strictly punishing those who are late to class, but make an effort to be present in the school day. The idea of punishing students for a fourth tardy only encourages them to miss a full day of school instead of arriving a few minutes late. The message the system is sending its students implies that completely neglecting your responsibilities of attending the school day is fully accepted, and these students who choose to do so will not be reprimanded. If the system is lenient with those missing school, then those who are tardy deserve the same. Also, this policy’s inconsistency serves as a large portion of the problem. Several students of my knowledge have been tardy four to five times during at least one semester of this school year, and were not punished. If it is the students’ responsibility to be on time for school, then the school must be held responsible when enforcing the rule. If this cannot be accomplished, then the policy should be abolished completely. The details of this policy frustrate the majority of the students to whom it applies. Along with the total modification of this policy, its consistency must be reviewed and strengthened.



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