Petition Against TAPS Paramagazine: We're Sick of the Lies

Michelle Miller
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I once thought that I was one of a handful not receiving the issues of TAPS Paramagazine for which I paid. However upon seeing comments on the new editor's note entitled "TAPS Paramag is Alive and Well," I see there are many, many people not receiving their issues. Scotty Roberts (the new editor) tried to make an effort to explain the situation (or one giant F-up as I like to call it now.) He was trying to be nice to us about it (to ensure we keep coming, I suppose,) but I feel like he was being kind of rude in a passive-aggressive way. You may not agree, but I've re-read some of his replies, and I don't get a good vibe. I also know he's kind of rude, because he found my review of TAPS Paramagazine (which is obviously a negative one) and projected the magazine's spelling and grammatical mistakes on my review. Also, he has told us that we can call or e-mail subscriptions to file a complaint and ensure we get our issues or get our money back (which shouldn't be our place--they're the unorganized ones.) However, I have both e-mailed and called the subscription department SEVERAL times without a response. He also gave the number and e-mail address for his office, to personally contact him. I have read that people have sent him e-mails to the address he provided and the messages have come back undeliverable. If you are one of the many people sick and tired of not getting what you paid for, and are sick of the lies that the staff members of TAPS Paramagazine keep telling, please sign this petition.




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