Taking Back The Senior Prom!

Senior Class
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No senior wants one of their last senior events planned by anyone other than SENIORS! We have been informed that the juniors choose the theme and essentialy plan the senior prom. My friends and I do not agree with this and believe that the seniors on student council should have the ultimate decision when it comes to the prom. The prom is a very important event in a senior's last year. For some of the descendents from the North Campus, this is an even more important event because they have never had an official prom before. We know that it is not possible for every single senior to give their input but we would like to have the final decision on the prom theme and everything that goes with that. It is only fair that the seniors who are graduating get to plan the best prom they possibly can. The same should be done for next year's seniors as I am sure they do not want someone else picking their senior prom theme. Thank you for reading this petition and we hope that some changes can be made. Sincerely, The Senior Class.




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