Employ Taki Inoue to perform a podium interview.

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Taki Inoue is a Japanese former F1 driver, perhaps best known for two bizarre incidents involving collisions with vehicles that weren't even taking part in the race. Despite his short and rather unsuccessful career he still pays keen attention to F1 and is now a manager of drivers from his homeland.

A key reason for having Mr. Inoue perform a podium interview is because of his brilliant sense of humour blended with his intimate knowledge of the sport. Mr. Inoue is a man who once said Kamui Kobayashi, after an abysmal practice session, "couldn't drive a greasy stick up a dog's arse", he also likened Romain Grosjean to an "exocet missile" after he ruined a drivers race in yet another first corner incident.

The most important reason however is that he would love to interview 3 top class drivers of the current era. Upon discovering that a certain French legend, Jean Alesi, would be conducting the podium interview for Suzuka 2012, Mr. Inue tweeted "Suzuka chose Alesi to do the podium interview instead of me. I have already bought my special extinguisher for it. Very rude, aren't they?" (you should follow him on twitter, then you will understand why he's rambling on about fire extinguishers).

So, to the powers that be I implore you to allow one of the unluckiest people to ever grace an F1 car to conduct a podium interview, this will probably be the nearest he will ever be to a podium and I'm sure he would enjoy every second of it, especially if Kamui Kobayashi is up there again.

He should be allowed to bring his fire extinguisher.





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