Take back our country

Ben Matthews
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My Manifesto: A time has got to come when we as a country say NO. Too many immigrants are coming to this country and nobody is prepared to say NO, we just can't keep feeling sorry for you, go back to your country because your not our problem, if you get massacred it's a tragedy but it's NOT our problem. Basically the country is fucked, and everyone is too scared to say what everyone is thinking. There is a reason why it is called GREAT Britain, because once it was a great country full of hope and prospect, don't forget our 2nd anthem is "land of hope and glory" well there is no hope and there certainly is no glory now that we are the worlds punchbag, a laughing stock, a place were other nations send their unwanted and where terrorists want to kill us all for a war no-one agreed to. we need a new government to take back our country and return it to its former glory. Our biggest problem is immigrants, we can say "oh employment, education, reform, crime" but any changes are pointless if we keep letting immigrants come in and takeover. We need to take back our once Great Nation before we can fix the internal problems. This is not racism, i'm not saying get rid of blacks, Asians whatever, if they are British born they are one of us and they can be part of the revolution. I demand we have a democratic nation where every decision is voted upon by the citizens of this country. Sign the petition and we'll take down the Fat cats We also need to: 1. return all troops back home and put them on the streets of uk to stop crime. because other countries are not our problem and let's see how "hard" the youths are when a couple of troops with assault rifles tell them to stop it 2. anyone found with a dangerous weapon ie; knives, guns will be detained for 2 weeks no questions, where your a law abiding citizen or a 10 year old kid, learn a lesson you are not above the law 3. tax on petrol is 50.35p (on average) this will be halved and the cut will be added to none necessity items, like cigarettes. 4. A curfew, anyone under the age of 16 must be indoors by 9pm, there is no need for you to be on the streets, causing trouble. haven't you got school in the morning, late nights will do nothing to help educate and make the people of this country the best in the world 5. all illegal immigrants will be sent home. Pass this onto everyone you know and let's get the wagon rolling




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