Save gas, money and the environment!

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The “Take it to the people” petition is for everyone who wants to:

Save 20% of the money you spend on gas. Help conserve our gas resources and give our economy a boost. Emit less co2 and other harmful emissions into the atmosphere, reducing the impact on our environment and our health. Have a better running vehicle. 

Back in 2009, Ron Hatton invented a clever technical process that can be used to improve the efficiency of gasoline engines. Over the past 3 years he has used the technology on over 1500 vehicles with consistent results (over 95% satisfaction).

According to the EPA, at least 60% of every dollar's worth of energy burns in the exhaust. This technology improves engine efficiency so that more fuel is efficiently burnt, saving a considerable amount of money, fuel and emissions.

The “Take it to the people” petition is meant to try and get this technology out to as many people as possible. The technology can work on virtually any gasoline engine and the benefits whether financial, economic, or environmental, at a time when almost everyone could use a little more money or affordable transportation, are too great to ignore and everyone should have an opportunity to have the simple modification done.

I have included a link to the Youtube page, which has over 300 video testimonials about the technologies effectiveness; Twitter; Facebook; Website; and a link to their Indiegogo campaign. Please feel free to follow on Twitter, like on Facebook and spread the word to friends and family. At the completion of the Indiegogo campaign we will get back in touch with all of you to let you know when we will have the ability to perform the modifications in your area. Thank you for your support and let’s collectively make the world a better place!

**When you sign the petition, please leave the City and State (or City and Country if outside the USA) in the comment section so we know which areas we will need to be in after the Indiegogo campaign to perform modifications. 





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