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Take It To The Streets Canada

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I am a Licensed Consultant through Service Ontario Canada Gov. I pay for my Business, yearly as a Sole Propriety Business, hoping soon to branch out t none profit.

I have taken my consultant position out into the community in London Ontario Canada and had a great! Results with clients enduring injustice.

To whom It May Concern

Times have changed and many lives are striving to live on the earth in general. Things are changing during Covid-19 and many are living in fear. Fear of how they are going to make things meet, and survive.

As it stands we are living in a city London Ontario Canada and globally, in a world that does not give enough to live on, no job placements, no low-income housing, no concrete treatment plans.

Indwell is the only Low-income housing being Built now in London Ontario Canada, and I am glad to see that more Low income is being built, and I believe that if the Government whether Provincial or Our Municipal Government, Federal, we need to work together to ensure, Low-income housing is going forth. Putting the Finances into it is a step in the right direction.

Way back I attended some meetings on Financial Institution in London Ontario Canada I saw that one financial Plan was desiring to take place. I believe this is great! Idea and should be considered.

As time goes by we are facing Economic Break Downs causing more and more lives to go without because there is not enough to live on or jobs to get. A-One Financial Plan is what we need, over poverty lines.

I Believe that if every citizen was to receive 2500.00 a month, with housing including the Internet, Cable, Cell Phone, and no extra costs then Ontario citizens and across Canada, every Citizen, poor and upper class, will be able to live productive lives.

They would be stable, and healthy. The only extra cost would be Food. Those who do not work, disabled, or cannot work due to injuries, will be on an income they can live on comfortably and those who do work, can take in more income on top of the 2500.00 a month, prosper go forth and build their lives.

People who work should be allowed to make more because they pay more into Taxes and because they are working. Even so, those who are not working pay taxes as well, but only making 2500.00 a month, due to not being able to work, pay fewer taxes.

Those who can work, but cannot get a job, as well. The Government should provide for those who can work and can not get a Job. Employment Businesses should be in place more and allowing people to get involved, and help provided, to gets jobs.

It is time for our City and Canada to think about placing more jobs for Citizens.

If Lives are not working, then the Government does not prosper. The more you as a Government give, the more taxes are paid and the more buying and selling is going on. The more people Buy and Sell, the More taxes are paid and you prosper as a Government.

If you as a Government take away the rights to people's lives, leaving them without a stable income, no jobs to get, and stuck on a street corner, then nothing is accomplished and we have things like Covid-19 arise, Climate issues, and more

The Basic needs of Citizens Globally must apply, as a God-given thing. Housing, Clothing, Food, and Basic needs are God-given things.

God never intended for man to live on the cement-like the Animals. When He created our world He gave you as a Government in General, enough to rule with Priority under God, and to ensure the Health, and Maintenance of mankind's living arrangements and our climates.

Your Job as a Government is to Maintain Our Globe, with Priority, with Prestige, and to keep citizens safe, protected, and with the means to live productive lives. God gave you enough to perform all this, before the Foundation of tHis World.

So now it is time to correct what has become selfish, and a Money making issues, making Money your God, instead of God being your God.


More Jobs need to be put into place. Each person whether a poor or upper class should be working. I do not believe there is a Middle-class


As a Government, you should be ensuring each citizen in our City London Ontario, and across the Globe have a Job. I Believe if people have working limbs they can work. Every citizen can work, make some kind of income. Wheel Chair Citizens can work if they can use their hands.

Most Wheelchair citizens, are only in wheelchairs because of weight issues, needing to lose weight.

Those people need to have proper incomes, housing, and exercise. Working is essential. Those who can work should be given a Job. It is very important that the Government do this in order to prosper.

If People are not working, then you as a Government do not prosper. If people are dying on the streets, you do not prosper.

Though Internet, Cable, Phone cell is not basic needs, considering the Government and what they believe as a basic need, it is a need.

It is needed in our world today for every person living in our System. It is important due to communication levels, Job placements, Dr. Appointments, Safety Nets, and more.

Not Just for Businesses but for Citizens as well. A Child ages 12 and up should have a cell phone, a young teen, if traveling for safety reasoning, to call home if in trouble, call the Police. Many children and Missing People reports have been made throughout our Global World, and no safety nets are given.

If a woman is beaten in their home or a child, if they have a form of Contact inside the home, whether internet or cell, they have a way to get help.

Also Internet, Cable, Phone are something that costs an arm and leg for most citizens and they cannot pay properly, causing debt. They get behind on Bills.

Poverty-stricken Lives feel this pressure a lot more than most.

If you allowed these to be within rentals included in rent, then Citizens would not get behind on bills and will have a safety net, they can look for job placement, buy and sell a lot more from home.

As time goes by we see a lot more than this method is needed, or movement in our system.

Covid-19 has shown this to be true. Covid-19 has put lives inside their homes, with no means of contact or safety nets. This is needed.

I find personally that being inside a Hotel, paying 1800.00 a month, with the Internet, Cable, Cell Phone,, I have what I need and can be comfortable each day, healthy, safe, and go on with my day successfully.

{ I am on O.D.S.P receiving an income of 1200.00 a month, and receiving an extra Gift to help me get by, pay my rent, but I should not have to depend on others to maintain this.}

Churches and other Businesses are bombarded by Donations to Poverty Victims.

I should though be able to depend on my God-given Government to provide me with an income over poverty lines, education, and a Job to maintain my Life. Parents have to depend on the Government to give their children an education. Some Children do not get an education, due to Family Abuses at home. They depend on the government to help them, in the Future.

I do not understand how our Government System, can expect Citizens to live off 1200.00 a Month, pay rental Costs of 1149.00 a month, I was paying on Grosvenor St, London Ontario, pay for basic needs, transportation, and live without communication or safety nets.

I was paying also for Gas and Hydro. No one can live off of 1200.00 a month in an Economic Raise, and inflation costs raised. No Job to get. I am just getting my Grade 12 through Long Life Learning Centre, at age 53 because I had a Drug addicted Mother, unstable childhood involving many cases of abuse, including sexual, and could not get my education.

Now going forth to get my education, in hopes to go forward. During Landlord neglect issues, I now have an injury that may or may not heal properly, a cracked knee, that I have reported to enforcement Ontario Canada, but nothing has been done about it.

I Believe the Landlord should not be allowed to rent without a Rental License. 508 Grosvenor St, London Ontario Canada has a Pending License. Proven By Ward 1 City Councilor.

I have created an Online Take It To The Streets Canada Consultant Business, I can conduct through my Home, Licensed By Service Ontario Canada and I am hoping the Government will use, to better our Canadian borders, to help give citizens a place to receive proper priority Justices for their issues, they face each and every day. Canada needs this.

They need a go-in between to hear them, take the time to listen, and help them fight their cases. I am hoping the Government will consider me as a Payee to do this kind of work. I desire to work. I desire to go forward, and I need you as a Government to give me that chance to do so.

We all have a purpose under heaven, and I believe it is time for the Government to look at this more and allow citizens to use their God-given abilities, and purposes to work, earn a living, and provide proper housing, and a bundle pack if you would system, giving them the right to feel safe, and comfortable in their homes, not getting behind on bills, and stable. then every citizen is healthy and maintained, no poverty laying all over the street corners dying, the government prospers, more taxes paid, and more are healthy.

Animal Lives and our climates are healthy as a result, fewer Crime Levels.

The Best part is yet to come, no more extra costs for Missions built, fewer Hospital visits, and when people come into our cities, they see a Priority Net London Ontario, and Canada. More travelers will desire to come to Visit.

1. A-One Finacial Plan

2. Low-income Housing built

3. People who work can make more

4. More Job Placement Put into Place

5. Financial Stability PLans For Education For all Ages

6. A Treatment Plan, with Enforcement


I Will be explaining my Treatment plan again, with more detail in near future. Enforcement is a requirement, Drug addiction, is a crime.

It needs to be built and Maintained with Priority. Built On Cleveland and Pond Mills RD, or It can be built on Old South Campus as well. I think That would be better Ward 1, You Think Mike Van Holst? Live-In Treatment Plans. Family Mini Houses On Campus.

Education, Treatment, Onsite Housing for People receiving Treatment, whether with drug addiction, Sexual Assault issues, Mental Health Issues, etc.

In One Area of London Ontario, built with separate corridors dividing the Treatment Issues at hand.

Cafe, Proper maintained Diets that are healthy, Counseling, Church Built, incubated Drug Rooms, Time Out room, Purpose Driven Courses, Anger Management Classes, Self Worth Classes, and more.

A Colorful place, where people will be well taken care of, happy, and desire to move on, be successful, and grow. With a Grade 12 Education.

Then move out of Treatment to the world, with a proper FInancial Plan, able to live productive lives, moving towards a home to live in, and no more sitting on a street corner, as a result, wondering where or how to make a living.

After Treatment they will be placed in a home, financially fit, with a Job in line.

. With hope for tomorrow, looking up to the Leaders, Governments, and those in authority, rather than fighting for their needs to be met, or rights as humans living on this earth.

Promote Live-In Treatment Plans

Promote Take It To The Streets Canada



Written By Nina Louise Mccutcheon

Orphans need injustice put under their feet in other Countries, through abuses, Blacks abuses, People in Job placements being abused by their boss, Child abuses, Aboriginal Abuses, Mental Health abuses, Poverty-stricken due to not enough to live on, Landlord neglect issues, Elderly Abuse, Suicidal Acts.

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