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Everyone in the world enjoys watching movies. Especially the ones with their most favorite celebrities. We enjoy following our favorite musicians, authors, athletes, etc. We like to see magazine articles on celebrities and catch snippets of what they do in their real lives, just so we can relate to them on some personal level. So we go and buy gossip magazines, we go online and Google, we read online blogs and sites that contain pictures and videos that capture some of the most intimate moments of a celebrities life. But what is the cost? To us, maybe just a mere $3.50 for the magazine. To a celebrity? It costs them their privacy, their right to live their lives "outside" of their jobs as high-profile actors, actresses, muscians, etc. Paparazzi claim that this is their "journalistic responsibility" and they have every right to camp outside people's houses for photos and scream at celebrities with vile comments and questions just to capture a reaction becuase it is their "first amendment right". But when we get pictures and videos of these celebrities lives, personal lives at that, that have not been given the right to be documented, its beyond the boundaries of that amendment. Its abusing it and taking it for granted. When photographers jump into cars and chase down celebrities just to catch a glimpse of them and earn that high-dollar money shot, while putting not only the lives of the celebrity, but the citizens around them in danger, it has gone beyond reporting. It has been documented before, what can happen when paparazzi get out of control. Justin Bieber, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Leann Rimes have all been victims of accidents due to paparazzi involvement. The most tragic of all, Princess Diana, we should all still remember as if it were yesterday. But even the everyday lives of celebrities being hounded is astounding: Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Halle Berry the list goes on and on. What celebrity hasn't been hounded on a personal level by paparazzi? Had their home staked out? Their kids schools stalked? Broken into their yards and tried to sneak pictures of them inside their homes? Come on, its tragic and disgusting that these people have to be punished at this level because of the profession they have chosen. Has the price become too high? It doesn't have to be. TAKE A STAND!!! You celebrities are some of the most influential people in the world. Your statuses are followed more than world issues affecting our nations everyday. You get more coverage that the President of the United States! Use that power! Use those 10 million dollar paychecks and put it towards good use. Begin a movement. Your voices combined could start such a commotion, you would be heard. Maybe it won't be heard on a national goverment level, but made within your state, you could. It's something. But we as your fans have voices too. We see what happens everyday because we are the ones on google researching you, we buy those magazines about you, we buy tickets to your concerts and movies. We support you. So as fans, we should support your lives as people, not just celebrities, as well...Well, here is our chance. This will probably fall through the cracks, and if it does so be it. But what if we could move this to higher powers? What if just "1" celebrity were to see this and say "Hey, they might be onto something". Well let's try. This is a formal petition to ban paparazzi from invading the properties, homes, lives and family members of celebrities. Take pictures at premieres, at concerts, but you have NO RIGHTS to be within 500 yards of someone's home. Within 500 yards of their children's schools, of their children PERIOD. If you are caught in a car chasing down a celebrity, you should be fined and arrested. Your endangering lives around you. That's not journalism. That is a CRIME. So please, type a signature. Its 10 seconds of your time for something that could actually help someone else. Don't you want to say "I was a part of something, something really big"? I do. So my signature is first. My goal is 5000. If "Tweeter's" out there can garner thousands of followers within days, a mere 5000 can happen. Take back your life guys. We will support you. Because that is what a fan does. Thank you. 

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