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Dear Members,

On 10th January ’17, the Managing Committee (MC) of our Gymkhana has taken a decision to open Permanent Membership to Govt. Officials who currently enjoy Service Membership of our Gymkhana.

This would effectually award them the following rights and privileges:

a) to propose or second any candidate for admission as a Member of the Gymkhana;

b) to attend or vote at all General Body Meetings;

c) to sign any requisition under Article 51;

d) to stand for election to, or serve on, the Managing Committee or Balloting Committee;

e) to claim any share of the property, funds or other assets of the Gymkhana upon its winding up or dissolution

f) a right of their children to apply for Permanent Membership.

You may recall, on 13th June 2016, the Managing Committee called an

EGM to propose an amendment to the Articles with the sole intention of introducing a new category of Membership, specifically designed to accommodate the Service Members. Under this proposed category,

Service Members would have had the opportunity to enjoy all the facilities

of the Gymkhana, even post-retirement, for their life time WITHOUT any

of the above rights of Permanent Members. However, the General Body

was opposed to the idea of any form of permanency being awarded to

Service Members and hence rejected the resolution.

A few months later, the Managing Committee reopened the subject,

and with a dishonorable intent to bypass the wishes of the General Body, discussed opening membership to Service Members under the Permanent category. Two separate legal opinions were sought on this matter

from, Hon. Justice (Retd) Srikrishna and Senior Counsel Mr. Rafique Dada. Both the legal luminaries’ opinions were consistent in the view that following the outcome of the June 2016 EGM, it would be both morally and ethically WRONG for the MC to open Permanent Membership to Service Members.

Ignoring the opinion of the two legal luminaries, the President called an emergency meeting of the MC on January 10th, 2017 and surprised the members by putting before them an additional item on the Agenda, and

in great haste, put to vote (10 for and 6 against) and passed a proposal

to open Permanent Membership to Service Members, in total disregard

to the earlier decision and the wishes of the General Body.

Whilst a nominal membership fee of Rs. 7 lakhs has been fixed for this,

it is important to note that just a few months back, members' children who

had missed applying in time for varied reasons were penalized with a fee

of Rs. 30 lakhs for a similar membership.

In view of the high-handedness and callous disregard to the rights of the Members, there is a petition to call an EGM of the General Body

to put the resolution of the MC to vote.

If you are agreeable to this proposal, you are requested to


the a



to :

"B.G. - CEO." <>

c.c :


Concerned Members of BG.

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