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Nicole Susanto
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Tag-Board.com is putting ads on people\'s individual tagboards to make money. Tagboards used to be free and clean of ads or pop-ups. Now, they owners are short a couple dollars and decided to put ads on everyone\'s board unless you pay to get it upgraded. Nobody likes ads. Nobody clicks on ads. Why bother polluting personal tagboards with pointless ads!!! Instead of putting up ads, they had other options. Instead of hosting the tagboards from their site, make people download their own into a cgi-bin!! Maybe they\'re not that advanced!! Tell all your web friends about this petition so they can sign it too! As soon as I get enough signatures, I will forward it to tag-board administration.


I had a tag-board and now I\'ve removed it. The ads are cluttering my board and I can\'t pay to upgrade! Stop taking advantage of the \"free\" service you provide!