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Be rid of The Swan manageress!!

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On behalf of all the customers who visit the Swan Hotel.
It has come to my knowledge that many regular customers are APPALLED with the attitude of the manageress Shelia Gibson and the rest of her family working at the Swan.
A small example would be smiling, such an easy thing to do and one of the main things for good customer service, yet its one of the main things she DOESN'T do!
 I can name a HANDFUL of people who have commented on her smile... or lack of!

How completly RUDE and IGNORANT she can be towards you, she brings no feelings of warmth or politeness to you, the customers who pay her wages and keep this hotel running.  And how she is incrediably UNPROFESSIONAL at her job....

A business such as a hotel, can not be run by a family!

Constant arguments between the family and the divide between the family and the other members of staff, have led to the hotel losing custom.


So if you AGREE (which I know many of you do) and you would like to see the back of her, then please sign below to get something done, and make the customers and the staff's life alot more enjoyable.

Thank you.





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