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Speed Bumps for 150th Street AND 62nd Avenue

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Hello Neighbors If you're like my family you've become increasingly frustrated by the speed of vehicles using 62nd Avenue & 150th Street. Not only is heavy street traffic an issue during the day, but frequent use of our streets for speeding cars at night is becoming an ever-increasing problem. My family is concerned about this issue for a number of reasons. I think as fellow residents of the area, you're probably feeling the same way: #1) First and foremost, speeding vehicles pose a risk to the countless children in our young neighborhood. Whether they're playing in the front yard, walking to school, or enjoying the park, our kids are not safe when people speed on our streets. #2) Our narrow street width - coupled with curb parking - does not allow enough room for a speeding car to make a quick correction. If a child or adult steps out suddenly from between parked cars, there is simply no room on the street for a speeding car to veer around. #3) Street Noise. Of course, after the primary issue of child and family safety in the area, then becomes the issue of excessive street noise from speeding vehicles. Like my family, I'm sure you've been disturbed in the evening to hear the all-too-familiar roar of sports cars, motorcycles, and trucks flying down the road in excess of 80km/hr. And like us, you've likely been awakened at night to hear cars coming off 152nd street, racing up 62nd, only to gain more speed and fly down 150th at unbelievable speed. It's not only unsafe, but the noise has also become a nuisance. If you're nodding your head in agreement right now, then please continue reading. In order to qualify for Traffic Calming, the City of Surrey requires a petition to be signed by the owners of AT LEAST 10 households in the neighborhood who agree that traffic/speeding have become a problem and are interested in having the City provide a solution (such as speed bumps). If you're not convinced we need them, consider this: * Speed bumps would not only force drivers to slow down, but would also DETER DRIVERS FROM USING 62nd & 150th as a DETOUR to bypass traffic lights. * 62nd will eventually be EXTENDED to connect with 148th. This change will undoubtedly create more traffic as Drivers are able to avoid using 60th, etc. * Speed kills. We have an Elementary School on 150th Street, not to mention countless children living in our densely populated neighborhood. It just simply isn't safe allowing aggressive drivers to speed here. Please sign this petition ASAP so this can be submitted to the City of Surrey!!! The next step will be for the City to send an inspector to the area to monitor the volume of vehicles, as well as the average speed, to determine whether this area is a candidate for traffic calming. *****PLEASE NOTE: Only your comments (if you wish to add them) will be viewable by others who sign this petition. Your address, phone, etc will NOT be viewable by others who sign.********


Families of Sullivan Heights/Oliver's Lane.
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