I Support Gov. Sarah Palin, But Not the News Media

Joe Wierzbicki
Joe Wierzbicki 4 Comments
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I join with other Americans in professing my support for Gov. Sarah Palin, who has emerged as a dynamic, uplifting, and gracious advocate for conservative ideals in our modern day society. I also deplore the news media's horribly biased, negative and defamatory coverage of Gov. Palin. We the undersigned wish to send a message of "thanks" to Gov. Palin this Thanksgiving Day 2009. And we ask those in the news media to look inside their souls and seek out some semblance of objectivity and fairness when reporting on conservative leaders such as Sarah Palin. Our nation and Sarah Palin deserve better than what we've been offered by journalists who have completely bastardized their trade.


The Our Country Deserves Better Committee