Support Reparations: Restore, Renew & Reconcile the Black Community & strengthen Illinois

Dr. Willie Wilson
Dr. Willie Wilson Chicago, Illinois 96 Comments
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Reparations is a debt owed and promised to African enslaved survivors and their descendants.

Many know reparations as receiving “40 acres and a mule”, which is America’s promise to the trafficked, enslaved African people and their descendants. This is payment for the 400 years of slavery, free labor and barbaric conditions that African people endured. Reparations gives America an opportunity to demonstrate its remorse and pay its debt for this ugly sin. As of today, these reparations have never been paid.

Indians, Japanese, Jewish, Israelis and other ethnic groups have all received trillions of dollars in reparations for crimes against their humanity that has served as a bedrock to reset or start a better life for their people. African enslaved people were emancipated with nothing to begin a life to adequately build and survive. This trickled down to their descendants and has negatively impacted African American generation after generation. The enslaved African people and their descendants are the ONLY group of people that have yet to receive restitution for the criminal injustices perpetrated against them. NO sin was bigger or lasted longer.

There is a reparations movement happening through resolutions, legislation and other lawful means to help right these wrongs. This petition is one of those tools.

Reparations, today, for descendants of African enslaved people looks much different than "40 acres and a mule". The needs of the community have been ignored and neglected for years, decades and centuries on end. It is an opportunity to repair damages the descendants of African enslaved people have suffered and continue to suffer from. Old injustices don't simply disappear with time. Left unaddressed, these brutalities continue wrecking psychological havoc and emotional destruction in the African American community in a most catastrophic way.

The new Reparations Bill known as THE ILLINOIS STATE COMMUNITY COMMISSION ON REPARATIONS REMEDIES FOR THE PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENDANT-CITIZENS IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS will present the infrastructure that will help to ‘level the playing field’ so that the African American community can experience the same opportunity (as has all other ethnics groups) to live a prosperous life.

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for reparations. Today, I stand with DR. WILLIE WILSON and the countless others in supporting this same effort. We refuse to let this empty promise go on any longer. I am asking you to do your job, represent my interests and support this Reparations Bill for the generations before us, for the generations of today and for the generations to come. Reparations is a duty of moral and material restitution. It is not a paycheck but restoration, renewal and reconciliation. The stakes have never been higher. Click here to read the full Reparations Bill.



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