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To: US President
PETITION TO THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES MR. BARACK OBAMA FROM: THE TERRORIST AFFECTED PEOPLE OF INDIA October 24th,2010. Honorable President Obama, In 1947, United India was divided on religious lines resulting in Formation of Pakistan which further was divided into East and West Pakistan. Hatred of a group of people who considered themselves superior to rest of the common man,. Pakistan became a theocratic state for all purposes and conversely India chose to be secular democratic country accommodating all religions. Princely states of erstwhile British India were merged and a strong India was created Meanwhile the theocratic state of Pakistan exhibited other intentions and tried to grab Jammu & Kashmir by sending forces on 22nd October, 1947. Maharaja of Kashmir requested India’s assistance and help to overcome brutal assault from Pakistan, Thus Maharaja Of Jammu & Kashmir signed instrument of accession and acceded to India. It is regrettable and most unfortunate that some of the disgruntled in India have found a common agenda with Islamic Militancy, which has been prevalent in Indian Subcontinent and thus have made a common cause with Islamic Militants to divide India again on religious lines. They have conducted religious persecution, killed and tortured local Hindu population, brutally insulted, raped women of minorities. These Islamic separatists have forcefully engaged in cleansing the Kashmir Valley of Hindu minority thus evicted 99% of the Kashmir Hindu/Pandit Population from Kashmir valley. These Islamic Separatists are enemies of humanity and are exercising every right provided by the democratic setup of India while at the same time have denied these basic rights to the minorities of Kashmir and are constantly engaged in acts of sabotage that threaten the unity and diversity of world's largest democracy. Kashmiri separatists have brutally suppressed the voice of reason, logic and killed anyone who is opposed to the policies of separate homeland in the name of religion. These people conduct heavily violent protests and are funded by foreign state and non-state players including Pakistan. Pakistan is illegal diverting some of this aid money that is given to them for flood relief as well as other humanitarian causes to fund these violent protests as well as to bank roll these protestors. Emboldened by outside support, these Islamic separatists are misguiding local youth and are following shameless double standards. They are sending their kids to foreign universities but asking the local poor population to boycott school and be part of the violent protests. Senseless actions of these individuals have been handled with utmost care by the Indian security forces and in spite of heavily violent protests; Indian security forces have avoided using heavy force. These protests are so violent that more than 1000 security forces have been injured and many have been disabled for life. Almost every day, these Islamic separatists racially taunt and humiliate Indians and India security forces as black and use extremely provocative language to provoke them. We fear that if we allow these Islamic separatists to continue, Kashmir will become another Afghanistan with Taliban like governance. It is important that these Kashmiri Islamic separatists actions must be recognized as international human crime and these separatists must not be given safe heaven in any country. This would help ensure a peaceful and stable South Asia. Indian Government has taken sincere endeavor to engage in a meaningful process with the all parties who are willing to shun violence and talk for the satisfactory resolution of on true grievances. In fact Kashmir has been special rights and privileges that are not even available to rest of the Indians. Apart from the fact that India has consistently held free and fair elections, current government is chosen by people of Kashmir. That apart, Indian government has voluntarily participated in multiple rounds of talks with these separatists. However, these Islamic separatists procrastinate and have failed to evolve a substantive and meaningful leadership and have instigated and justified violence in Kashmir. Islamic separatists do not hold sway over people of Kashmir and as such they constantly procrastinate and lead the common people from one crisis to another. This cavalier attitude has severely damaged the credibility of the institution of dialogue. On the occasion of your scheduled visit to India as president of the United States of America, they have started an online campaign to highlight the Kashmir issue. Mr. President, the Kashmir struggle for self-determination can not be granted as it would lead to disintegration of India and would be detrimental to peace of Indian subcontinent and we can not cave into demands of Islamic separatists at a critical juncture. It is vital that the international community responds unanimously in crushing the forces of hate and fascism and strengthen hand of India in dealing with such divisive and anti-social elements. Ignoring the menace of Islamic militancy and separatism would be detrimental not only to the people of India but that of whole world. We should set an example and should not ignore or marginalize wishes and aspirations of the people 1.2 billion people of India as that can be dangerous to the entire region. Mr. President, it is our ardent hope that during your visit you will use your influence to strengthen the voice of India in dealing with such destructive forces. Kashmir is at best may have some genuine grievances but there can be resolved within the framework of Indian constitution Mr. President, we request you to validate India’s actions and take action at international level to control the menace of Islamic Militancy and separatism. In brief please strengthen hand of India by: • providing Continued support for all the Indian laws which are just and fair. • Setting up an international tribunal to look into acts of religious persecution and genocide of Hindus of Kashmir. • Declaring violent protests illegal With profound regards, Sincerely, Sincerely,





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