Support, resources, and morale for Vance County Teachers!

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For the past several years, teachers in the Vance County Public School System have had to do their jobs with very little resources. Teachers and service providers have gone without raises. They are unable to get substitutes for sick leave. Classroom size doubles, as a result, contributing to more discipline problems and reduced differentiated instruction. Often specials/electives teachers are expected to serve as substitutes, thus preventing teachers from getting a necessary break during the school day. A staff of curriculum advisors has been assigned to the county. However, materials for teaching Common Core objectives are not readily available to classroom instructors. Funding for teaching this new curriculum is sparse and textbooks are not aligned to the new standards. Teachers and TAs are being expected to serve on various committees in various capacities, and the workload has increased exponentially. The focus for education in Vance County is student achievement, but very few measures are being taken to ensure that positive morale is being maintained at the school level. Teachers and service providers are being overworked and underappreciated. Please sign this petition so that the students in Vance County Schools will have the opportunity to be taught by teachers and TAs who are supported and empowered to be the best educators they can be.



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