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Support Kingston’s Newest Sustainable Project: The Proposed Unity Farm, Inn & Spa

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About Unity Farm, Inn & Spa and why to support the project:

With Unity Farm, Inn & Spa we plan to create a tranquil, relaxing space and modern working farm for Kingstonians and visitors alike to enjoy. The preservation of the farmland and the mid-1800’s homestead located at the corner of Unity Road and Battersea Road has remained at the forefront of our designs. The farm will include fields of hops, a vineyard, planted vegetable and flower gardens, a small apiary, and a maple syrup hut. The inn will include 27 suites and small outdoor cabins for guests to enjoy a quiet retreat in nature. The spa will include outdoor hot & cold pools, wet & dry saunas, quiet rooms, a yoga studio and a full range of restorative treatments.


We, the team behind this project, are passionate about sustainable technologies, that will protect our surroundings, our community and future generations - our children. From growing our own food, to conserving and recycling water, to using geothermal and solar energy, our aim is to make Unity the most sustainable initiative in our community.

Sustainability Focuses:

- Water treatment and recycling plant

- Geothermal heating and cooling

- Solar hot water

- Solar energy - panels & batteries

- Electric vehicle transport and tractors

- Farm-to-table restaurant

- Agriculture ponds for irrigation

- Cisterns for rainwater irrigation

- Fruit & vegetable gardens and roadside stand

- Apiary and maple syrup hut

Water Conservation

Water is of the utmost importance in a project set in a rural community. Through our planning and design phase, we have been thoughtful about the systems that we are using in order to make the best use of our clean, grey and waste water. These systems include large cisterns and ponds that collect rainwater for agriculture, and a compact, eco-conscious wastewater treatment system that produces potable water. Integrating innovative water technologies with traditional conservation methods allows us to reduce, recycle and conserve our water.

Well water will only be used for drinking water, showers and the restaurant.

As per the Ministry of Environment and City of Kingston requirements, a full hydrogeological study has been conducted to ensure that no negative impacts will occur within the community or on our site.


As part of our sustainability plan, we will cultivate the land for agricultural use, growing vines, flowers and vegetables, bringing the homestead back to its roots. We will also be planting hops which can be used in wellness products, food and beverages. Unity will have an electric tractor which will eliminate fossil fuel emissions as it runs solely on electricity. Our agricultural practices are not only a way to reinvigorate the land but will also give back to the local economy through employing staff to farm the property. Our crops will be used in our restaurant and surplus will be available for sale to the community. Our restaurant will also support local farmers and vendors as we will be sourcing products including dairy, meat, eggs and produce from partners in our community.

Heating and Cooling

We plan to use geothermal heating & cooling in the buildings and the spa. This established method uses the earth’s constant temperature to take or add heat back into a closed-loop system. The sustainable heating and cooling practice works by drawing from the earth’s constant temperature below the frost-grade. This system allows for both heating and cooling to occur at the same time. In combination with the geothermal system, Unity will also use solar power as an additional energy source. Our goal is to draw as little energy from the electric grid as possible.

On-Site Transportation

For transporting guests and visitors around the site, Unity will have self-driving golf carts. These autonomous vehicles will follow a pre-designed route around the property. While travelling at a slow speed, they will monitor for obstacles and pedestrians in their path. The golf-cart-like vehicles will be available to pick guests up at their cabins upon request. Not only will this system allow visitors to move throughout the property with ease, it will also ensure that traffic is kept to a minimum. In-line with our commitment to sustainability, these self-driving vehicles will be electric powered, thereby eliminating fossil fuel emissions. They are both quiet and safety-focused.


With Unity Farm, Inn & Spa we are seeking to enrich our local community both in terms of economy and lifestyle. We want to create an environment that will benefit as many people as possible — not just our guests. We expect to see a range of 80+ new jobs created by this project alone. Partnerships with local vendors and businesses is something we value. Through Unity we plan to work with tourism groups, restaurants, shops and other local businesses to develop a well-rounded community of partnerships. Guests visiting our location will contribute to the community’s economic growth and development. We want Unity to be as much a retreat for those visiting Kingston as for those who live and work here. Our mission is to create a place where you can find tranquility without having to travel away from home.


As a local business living and operating in the City of Kingston, we are committed to following the guidelines for the necessary approval process outlined by the City of Kingston. This process presents a large burden in terms of resources, time and money as the required studies are organized and funded by our team. While completing the necessary requirements we have been working to get the site ready for agriculture and building in the coming months. Pending zoning approval, we will use this work as the foundation for the farm, inn and spa. While our applications for rezoning have been submitted, we will continue to operate under the existing bylaw and are very excited about seeing all the gardening we have done around the house come to life. As of July 2020 we have planted 4-acres of the property with 2 more to come this year alone. We have started harvesting flowers and veggies from our fields to be sold locally.

Find more information about this project at www.2285battersea-unityproject.ca

*UPDATE: We officially have a City Staff Recommendation for approval! This means that ALL studies have been reviewed and accepted. Our planning rationale and the detailed water study (which has been reviewed and peer reviewed) by professional engineers and planners, have been validated and are being supported by qualified city staff.

However, this City Staff recommendation is only that: a recommendation. The actual decision is based on a council vote. Our mayor and council members need to hear from you.*

We need your help! If you are in favour of the proposed Unity Farm, Inn & Spa project please sign this petition and leave your comments of support.

You can also show support by sending a letter to James Bar, Senior Planner at City of Kingston: jbar@cityofkingston.ca

And to our City council: mayor@cityofkingston.ca, goosterhof@cityofkingston.ca, schapelle@cityofkingston.ca, losanic@cityofkingston.ca, whill@cityofkingston.ca , bdoherty@cityofkingston.ca, rkiley@cityofkingston.ca, mrholland@cityofkingston.ca, jmclaren@cityofkingston.ca, jneill@cityofkingston.ca, pstroud@cityofkingston.ca, rhutchison@cityofkingston.ca, RNBoehme@cityofkingston.ca

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