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Support the opening of The Skill Builder Inc.

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*DONATIONS DO NOT SUPPORT THE SKILL BUILDER.* (We are requesting signatures ONLY) If you are interested in donating please visit the website www.weskillbuild.com

The Skill Builder Inc. (TSB) is a private school serving grades 6-12 opening Fall 2022. The school will be located in Maryland. Scholars will graduate our seven year program with at least one professional certification and 5 college acceptances. TSB will focus on College, Career and Life Skills.

Middle School
College: College Tours, Project Based Learning, "Day on Campus", SAT/ACT Prep, Intro to College course and so much more.

Career: Career Tours, "Day at Work", Career Research and Exploration, Career Fairs, Intro to Career course and so much more.

Life Skills: Buying their first home, Buying their first car, Voter Registration, Home Economics, and Community Development and so much more.

High School

College: Applying for College, Financial College, Study Skills, Choosing the Right School, Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement Courses and so much more.

Career: Interview Readiness, Resume Writing, Entrepreneurship, Trade Certification, Field/Hands on Career Experience Weekly, Mentorship and so much more.

Life Skills: Filing Taxes, Money Management, Stocks/Investing, Social Emotional Learning and so much more.

Vision: Multicultural independent middle & high school learning experience highly regarded for momentous and individualized academic.

Mission:Equal emphasis on college and career development, creating lifelong learners and exceptional citizens.

TSB will provide a school without walls learning experience and a culture of scholar success with a rigorous college and career preparatory program. Project-based learning, or PBL for short, involves role-playing, real-world scenarios, writing, reading, assessments, audiences, real-world expertise, research skills, comprehension skills, presentation skills, and collaboration skills. It calls on students to define, solve, and present a problem through various media. It requires authentic thought, reflection, and questioning—and the results are incredible.

The consensus is clear: students need more than basic subject-area knowledge. The competencies and personal qualities included in these various lists have been given many names: 21st century skills, cross-curricular skills, soft skills, interdisciplinary skills, habits of mind and work, deeper learning, and college- and career-readiness skills. We call them "success skills." Some are as old as Socrates; some are products of the modern age.

In order to provide comprehensive college and career readiness to all scholars, TSB will show careful attention to student achievement on standardized exams, but also to student engagement, social behavior, and academic behaviors. While the goal of college and career readiness is often described as the journey to college acceptance, in today’s classrooms it will be increasingly viewed as the path to global citizenship at The Skill Builder Inc.

Think of life skills as the building blocks or framework that allow students to apply the knowledge they acquire in school to real world problems and situations. Also referred to as “soft skills” in a professional context, TSB will offer the ability to think abstractly and approach problems from multiple angles to find practical solutions, and the skill to communicate clearly and effectively are just as important as technical knowledge in a particular field or academic subject.

TSB life skills—how well equipped students are to make good decisions and solve problems in their academic and professional careers as well as their personal lives—will play a critical role in a well-rounded and comprehensive education.

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