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Dundalk is on the edge of great change, the catalyst of rediscovery in the redevelopment of a cherished center. There is action in the works to rebuild an aged government office building and activity center and replace it with an updated recreation center, updated sports fields for league play, new retail village, and the hotly contested Amphitheater.

The outdoor theater space is essential for a balance of activity between the arts and sports for all who wish to use it. The availability for small to medium musical venues, budding theater organizations, choral, orchestral, comedy, public speaking, and even sports demonstration teams are but a few of a myriad of possibility to explore. These activities should be shared with everyone to enjoy and explore the unique history of our area.

Unfortunately there are small but active factions who are working diligently to squash the program to ensure that as little changes to their comfortable positions as local autocrats to their prize programs. Organizations who have openly stated that only those in the immediate area have a vested interest in what does or does not get built.

The more we debate this the more it becomes obvious that this is not just an opportunity for Dundalk but for Baltimore County and Maryland as a whole. We need to come together and let our voices be heard, that we will not stand idly by and let the few dictate the outcome that we all deserve to shape.



April 15
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