Support Hillel International's Rules and Decision

Yoni Ben-Shaul
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Recently, Swarthmore College has broken ranks with Hillel and is opening its doors to anti-Israel and anti-Jewish speakers, many of whom involved in the notorious "BDS", Boycott, Divest, Sanctions- a group whose goal is to dismantle and destroy the State of Israel.
Hillel International rules "bar chapters from sponsoring events, hosting speakers, or partnering with groups that oppose Israel's right to exist or support a movement for universities to end investments in Israel because of its policies toward the Palestinians."

Hillel International President Eric D. Fingerhut has said, "Let me be very clear-'anti-Zionists' will not be permitted to speak using the Hillel name or under the Hillel roof, under any circumstances"

Support BOTH Hillel's rules and the decision, to show that supporting, endorsing, or enabling the BDS activists (and other Israel and Jew haters) and their agenda, IS NOT a legitimate enterprise of dialogue in the Hillel community.



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