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Ganga Devi
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This petition is to request everyone to support Gargeya Sidhanti Garu. 

A case has been filed against Gargeya Garu about his publication in his Panchangam on girls and puberty.

 This request is to all those women organizations, this is not the first time something like this has been printed. There are thousands of books in the market that have much more insulting and degrading description about women. Why were they not targeted. He has not made this prediction, he just translated something that was written 1000 of years back.

 These women organization who are making a huge thing about a page in some book, why don't they react to common women who are literally being  physically mistreated everyday. Why are they not reacting to physical eve teasing of women, which is common in every slum area in India. They don't have to go searching for these cases, they can find this in every street corner. Instead of giving interviews to TV channels , just turning their attention to real problems to women and not to theoretical insults would give them real accolades than these false publicity.

 It would be much appreciated if these women organizations react to real problems to women which are everywhere around them than over reacting to some paper in some book.

If you think that the case against Gargeya Garu needs to be removed, please sign this petition.