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Sohail Dudhia
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This petition is to build support for the development of a pharmacy. This is for my local community which is in need of better services in health and awareness located in the Valentines ward of Ilford, Essex.

The influx of population growth in recent years has considerably increased GP waiting times and reduced the quality of effective medical services within the area. As highlighted in Redbridge's Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Report, the Cranbrook polysystem has a shortfall of 3.1 GPs serving the community, rising to 3.5 GPs in 2019 when factoring in population growth. The report suggests that one approach to combat this shortfall is to commission services to other healthcare providers such as pharmacists.

The proposed pharmacy would serve the community to ensure better health services with sole focus on quality. Some of the direct benefits highlighted include enhanced services, medication delivery for the weak/physically impaired and technlogical applications to promote awareness with other indirect benefits such as reducing waiting times at GP. The location of this pharmacy would also ensure that there would be no detrimental impact to the current community.

Further information about this proposal including the detailed analysis can be found at


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