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To Principal Kricheff and Superintendent Fano:

We, as voters, tax paying citizens, and past and present parents and/or guardians of Ironia elementary school students, respectfully wish to express our opposition to any plan for the dismissal/firing of Mr. Cervona.

We believe that Mr. Cervona is a vital part of Ironia and wholeheartedly support him and his position at Ironia. Mr. Cervona has been a teacher at Ironia for 21 years and has taught in the Randolph School District for 23 years. He brings a wealth of experience and continued enthusiasm to the teaching of his students. As a teacher, Mr. Cervona supports the goals that the Board and District have set for Randolph Township. Mr. Cervona pursues academic excellence every day with his students. Ask any student that has gone on a road trip what they have learned in Mr. Cervona’s classroom that can be applied in life. They will tell you all about the states they are traveling through, their location, capital, and even which one is their favorite and the many reasons why it is their favorite. Or instead ask one of his students about their favorite book. Many of them will not be able to pick just one book because they have read so many books while in Mr. Cervona’s classroom. This is the foundation of academic excellence.

Mr. Cervona’s classroom and teaching style also meet the district goal of “sustaining a positive learning environment”. He encourages children to feel confident in themselves and comfortable enough to challenge themselves. He provides an environment of support. The students are not afraid of being wrong but rather encouraged to strive harder knowing they will be recognized for their efforts.

Retaining Mr. Cervona would also support the goal to enhance the organizational effectiveness in Randolph. This is implicit in the definition of the goal, to “develop support and retain effective teachers and school leaders”. Mr. Cervona has been an effective teacher and leader to countless students for 23 years.

In addition, it should be noted that Mr. Cervona has done an excellent job of keeping parents abreast of not only classroom activities, but students' progress and successes. It is not uncommon to receive a call from Mr. Cervona several times a year with an update on your students' progress, accomplishment and areas for improvement. Mr. Cervona keeps the lines of communication open and is very responsive to parents' email. It is readily apparent that Mr. Cervona has a clear grasp of each students ability - both strengths and weaknesses and works with each parent in order to help each student reach their highest potential.

Finally, retaining Mr. Cervona promotes innovation for all the reasons stated above and more. He is a relevant piece of the distinguished Randolph community and has played an important role in preparing our graduates for the ever changing world.

As you can see, we support Mr. Cervona not just because he is well liked. We support him because he is a highly effective professional whose skill, experience and communication with families have led to an outstanding education for our children. It is for all these reasons and more that we have created this petition, and hope that you will reconsider your position of Mr. Cervona.


Concerned Randolph Parents

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