Support Annette Sebey – NB Pompe patient seeking coverage for treatment

Annette Sebey
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We are appealing to the province of New Brunswick to cover the costs for Mrs. Annette Sebey's treatment. We want to draw attention to her situation because Annette Sebey is the only Pompe patient in New Brunswick and she travels to the U.S. every two weeks for treatment because she cannot receive treatment at home, as many other Pompe patients across the country already do. Annette Sebey is a 46 year old mother of two who has worked hard to build a good life for her family. She is a Canadian citizen who just wants to enjoy the benefits of our universal healthcare system. Instead, her health is declining as she witnesses other Pompe patients living in other provinces receive a treatment at home that improves their quality of life. We want to make sure that she does not fall through the cracks simply because her condition is rare, and she is the only resident of New Brunswick who has this need.



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