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A better STEM education solution for all children

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We are a team of young entrepreneurs working hard to improve STEM education. Our startup, STEMPAKS, is the Birchbox for science, technology, engineering, and math kits curated and delivered to subscribers each and every month. We feature fun and informative tutorials online to take children on deep dives into world of STEM to spark a lifelong passion in learning, exploring, and creating. Investing in STEM education is investing in our children, their future, and the future of the Nation.

We want your support and endorsementto help raise awareness about our mission to bring better STEM education to students across America.


Our national economic stability and security is dependent on our continued command of STEM; a battle we’re currently losing given our youth’s lack of mastery of STEM education. STEMpaks will be an instrumental might within the movement in re-building our youth’s foundation in STEM.

By 2018, the US Dept. of Commerce projects an unmet need of 1.2 million STEM jobs. So why do we have a national unemployment rate of ~6% (about 18 million)? That’s because those unemployed do not have the skills sets to be employed in this newly dominant industry. Why? Because their early life experiences were not conducive to pursue a career in STEM--whether those reasons are due to a lack of finances, accessibility, awareness, etc. STEMpaks is a force for a #STEMifiedYouth to ensure our national economic prosperity by attacking multiple aspects to help resolve the systemic failures in STEM education and injecting STEM into our children’s lives at an early age--from both rich and poor socioeconomic backgrounds, males and females alike. STEM isn’t just a major or a career, it’s a lifestyle--one that starts with STEMpaks.


Under close examination, the lack of fluidity (high job vacancies coupled with high unemployment) within our national workforce illuminates unmet skill set needs in STEM fields. President Obama recognizes this systemic problem and has immediately prioritized to fortify STEM education in our youth to secure our position of global leadership in the generations to come.

STEMpaks is our contribution to the systemic resolution. Our marketing campaign will help raise awareness of the importance of STEM for both young boys and girls. Our 1-for-1 philanthropy aspect will serve as an effective indirect redistribution of wealth between the top and bottom quintiles of our socioeconomic spectrum. Our STEMpaks will make STEM part of our users’ personal lifestyle from an early age to facilitate STEM mastery for future professional pursuits.

Clearly, there is strong need to invest in STEM (from both public and private sectors) and investing in STEMpaks is part of that. As a formidable force in strategic harmony with the STEM education movement, we are the hope for a #STEMifiedYouth. And our team refuses to accept any alternate realities where our youth remains weak in STEM lest losing our international economic prowess.


Our goal with this petition is gather support from parents, educators, and students. With your endorsement, we will be able to reach out to the right people who can help us secure the funding, resources, and social capital to launch and begin our journey in improving STEM education.

Together we can #STEMify the next generation of leaders and innovators!

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