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500 Signatures to Make Super Visa Easily Available to All Parents

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-          Honorable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

-          David Tilson, MP, Ontario

-          Chungsen Leung, MP, Ontario

-          Don Davies, MP, Vancouver

-          Paulina Ayala, MP, Quebec

-          Kevin Lamoureux, North Winnipeg, MP

-          Victor Wong, Canadian Chinese National Coucil Executive Director

-          Dr. Virendra Bharti, India Canada Association


Dear Sir/Madam:


RE:  Super Visa eligibility


On behalf of the first 124 signatures that have participated in the Petition 500 signatures to request that Super Visa be easily available to all parents [1], I would like to address some of the comments that I believe would be important for you to consider when drafting the criteria for Super Visa which will be commenced on December 1 2011.

Super Visa has recently been introduced to replace the parental sponsorship program. Parental immigration sponsorship is a relationship-based immigration scheme. In substitution for parental sponsorships that will be paused for 2 years, the Super Visa should be a relationship-based type of visa, too and should not give the visa officers the discretion to conclude the visa grant based on the fact the visa applicant has the family ties back home or not. Eventually, many Super Visa holders will become permanent residents of Canada when their children are allowed to file immigration sponsorship in the near future so imposing that rule on them is not very practical.

If you treat Super Visa as a regular type of visitor visa which normally require applicants to prove their ties back home and a strong financial situation in order to get the visa, the term ‘super’ doesn’t make any difference. The harder part is to get into Canada, not to be able to stay here a longer period from 6 month to 2 year. If the criteria for Super Visa remains the same as temporary visitor visa, the government of Canada has closed all doors for family reunification for many applicants that satisfy all the requirements but unable to prove they are wealthy and have ties back home.

Family reunification under Super Visa stream will bring so many benefits to the Canadian economy and will promote the tradition of a humanitarian country that honors family values and diversity. If you want to gain more jobs for Canada, you should consider economic effects if parents and grandparents are allowed to come here. The Canadian-resident children will not have to send money home, instead foreign parents will bring here with them cash and assets from abroad to support their lives in the new place. The children in Canada will work harder to afford a bigger family, pay more taxes, the young Canadians will have someone at home to daycare them. Just to list a few.

Thank you for your consideration. We do hope that the implementation of Super Visa on Dec 1 2011 will be in accordance with public voices.


Name: Jaysen Chettiar on Nov 8, 2011

Comments: I and family, we are currently living in Canada. My wife mother had been decline visa 2 times, to come and visit us. We are law abiding citizen, we are not here to abuse the service of the Canadian government. We don't want our parent to come and sit in Canada to abuse the confort and also the free medical facilities. We ask the government to consider, they have all the power and legal right, so if someone is coming and illegally stay in Canada, they have they power to expel those people. So please consider that not all people are abusing the system, and treat people fairly.


Name: Raj Kumar Karir on Nov 10, 2011

Comments: yes fantastic. thats it. but if there is possible to the extent that even the min. income should not be considered in such cases


Name: Sandeep Singh Bajwa on Nov 13, 2011

Comments: I am a Permanent Resident and my Sister is Canadian Citizen. My sister has applied for our parents immigration almost 2 years back. Last year we applied for a visitor visa for them to come and visit us for a short period but was refused on the grounds that there is no strong ties with the home countryas we are the only two children and we both are in Canada.We genuinely never had any intention to break the law. But its so difficult to prove to the immigration officer that we have no intention to go against the rules. We are prepared to accept any condition for allowing them to come and spend some time with us but it seems like the present system only allows the wealthy people to reuinte with their families and middle class people like us are just pushed away. Now this supervisa has given us a lot of hope that our parents can come and spend enought time with us and will never feel left alone again in the future. We are more than happy to pay for the Medical insurance and any other expenses and also we have never claimed any benefits from the Goverment. All we need is family reunification. Please consider our request Mr Jason Kenney


Name: Sabahat Theem on Nov 9, 2011

Comments: CIC can probably relax the Super visa requirements to proving relationship, sponsor income and insurance coverage and put restrictions of being denying the Sponsorship application of overstayed or misused.


Name: Imran Azhar on Nov 11, 2011

Comments: Yes I agree that sponsoring parents should be more easier. I have my parents alone in back home country and I am living here. I can support them very well in Canada or in back home either but I wish they stay with me with me in Canada.


Name: Jagpreet Khurana on Nov 8, 2011

Comments: I thank the Minister for this step, but for Parents the process should be very simple without restrictions like ties, financial background etc. i do agree with the restrictions by the Minister for Healthcare, Not being PR and work in Canada for parents.







 Hello everyone,

 I just spoke with Mr. Ron Thompson, the secretary at Calgary constitution office of Honourable Mr. Jason Kenney. I requested a personal meeting with Mr. Kenney but was advised that he will not be in Calgary until The New Year and his workload wouldn't allow me to set up a personal meeting with him. Mr. Thompson however has confirmed to me a few key points about the Super Visa. Until the official launch of Super Visa on Dec 1, 2011, note that all information are still preliminary.

 1.       Super Visa is applicable to parents and grandparents of ALL CANDIAN CITIZENS AND PERMANENT RESIDENTS

 2.       The Government of Canada and CIC are making every efforts possible to make Super Visa easily available to all eligible parents and grandparents. Visa officers will be instructed not to look into strict requirements such as ties in home country, economic and social situation of the applicant, as the criteria  for regular temporary visitor visa.

 3.       As long as the sponsor can provide proof of relationship, insurance coverage, minimum income, and the applicant satisfy security check clearance (if required in his/her country), then Super Visa will be issued. Renewal of residence status every 2 year is very straight forward.

 Although he is busy, Mr. Kenney welcomes feedbacks from folks. All suggestions may be sent to attention of Ron Thompson at



Dear Mr. Kenney Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada We suggest you to eliminate some barriers in assessing parents' eligibilities for a Super Visa. According to FAQs section on CIC website, CIC is still asking parents to prove : • the person's ties to the home country, • the purpose of the visit, • the person's family and financial situation, • the overall economic and political stability of the home country, and • invitations from Canadian hosts. ( You should take into account cases where the parents have the only child living in Canada, they do not have a strong tie in the home country. This factor will be utilized by Visa Officers to refuse the visa. Furthermore, some parents are not financially stabled in their home country; but that doesn't mean they will violate Canadian immigration rules. Because you are going to pause parental sponsorship for a good 2 years beginning on Nov 5 2011, we suggest you to make Super Visa easily available for all qualified parents, as long as they can satisfy 3 conditions: 1. parenthood relationship 2. sponsor minimum income 3. insurance coverage . If 3 conditions are met, Super Visa shall be guaranteed. Thank you


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