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The problem started in 2004 when SuperShuttle decided to turn their owner operators, and employees, into franchisees to have less liability and remuneration toward their new franchisees. SuperShuttle terminated anyone who protested against the change, thus causing a lawsuit against the SuperShuttle known as Rosales V. SuperShuttle. SuperShuttle scammed the drives by declaring about investment opportunity which states the drivers will invest into franchises that later will be worth a lot more money. Still, this has never happened. So if I put forth 40,000 US dollars into the franchise, I will be lucky if I can sell it today for 7,000 USD. Later, SuperShuttle applied their franchise plans in other states, such as Colorado, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. These states later rejected the franchise plan and forced SuperShuttle to reimburse the drivers for the franchise fees that they had paid thus far.. We are franchisees, or “business owners” according to SuperShuttle; we do not make the state’s minimum wage, and we cannot afford to hire any employees and pay them minimum wage. Of course, SuperShuttle has found a way to go around the law, by requiring the franchisees to become partners with their hired drivers. For example, if I want to hire a driver to help me in driving my van, I will have to give him a portion of this franchise and he has to be an officer of my LLC. In summary, we are drivers who have to work at least 17 hours a day, like slaves, to pay SuperShuttle’s fees which are between $700 to 1200 a week, plus the 25 percent of sales revenue. So if my van breaks down, or I get sick, or have a family emergency that will require me to be away from the van, I will still have to pay their fees with no forgiveness. The same rules apply to any planned time off- such as vacation or even jury duty. At the same time, I only can serve the business that the company provides for me. So if the business that is given to me was not enough to pay their fees, I will still have to be responsible to pay their fees. I cannot locate business outside of the given business. This is not a rare case, this happens on most days during the slow seasons. Even when I work seven days a week, I will still end up owing the company money because the business that I was given was not enough to cover their fees. I cannot make a profitable business for myself under these conditions. I have become a slave for their fees and regulations. If asking whether or not we all make at least the minimum wage per hour, the answer is NO, we do not make California’s minimum wage. The average revenue for a franchisee is $2,500 per week, of which: $1,650.00 goes to the SuperShuttle company, $300 goes for gas, plus the yearly charges of: ($333.00 TCP+ $800.00 LLC tax + $500.00 DMV registration + $1100.00 tires + $1000.00 oil changes + $2000.00 maintenance + $200.00 Uniform + $1400.00 a month of fees) a year/48 = $152/a week. So $2,500.00 - $(1,650.00+300.00+152) = $ 398 a week. If we work 100 to 120 hours a week we might make this small amount of $398 a week. $398 a week at 100 hours equals to $3.98 an hour. $398 a week at 120 hours equals to $3.31 an hour. These numbers are not even half of California’s minimum wage. There are few videos in the YouTube website just search under SuperShuttle Corporate Slaves those video will explain a lot to you.

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