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Supergirl Season 3 Title Renewal Along with New Coming and Returning Characters

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Now with General Zod appearing on Supergirl his return in Season 3 as the main antagonist is yet to be confirmed solid true, CW should do and include the following to make it even greater and more interesting for viewers to see.

1.They should retitle the third season as Superman and Supergirl because Zod is Superman's foe and Tyler Hoechlin should be moved up to series regular.

2 Ali Adler and the rest of the CW officials should have a Halloween Crossover with Supergirl and Flash or Kid Flash set for October 30th and 31st this year with Team Flash coming to Earth 38 in both episodes to help Supergirl deal with Silver Banshee McDougal who should be portrayed by Smallville's Kristen Kreuk and with Italia Ricci reprising her role as Siobhan Smythe so her character starts seeking redemption while teaming up with the cousins of steel against her processor. She will be needed to make about 3 to 5 appearances in the third season while resuming her role as Emily Rhodes on Designated Survivor Season 2.

3.The Silver Banshee serving as the main antagonist in the Halloween Crossover should have her real name in the Arrowverse go by Michaela McDougal who is based off Siobhan McDougal from the DC New Earth comics, acting as an enemy fought by Superman in his first couple years before Kara's arrival, is to appear in the show running as director of her personal Mystical Arts Division in Project Cadmus with Tala as her right hand woman along with a massive army of militia backing up her threats and she is to act as the main villain in the mid season 3 premier all the way up to episode 17 or 18 plotting her schemes to eliminating the kryptonians and alien life aided by Solomon Grundy and the Kryptonian Werewolf.

4.Zod is to have Faora, Jax-Ur, Ursa, Asha Del-Nar, Gor, Jeq-Vay, Kir-Ta, Lancepesade Shor, and Sem-Re as his henchmen

5.While Superman and Supergirl may still have the DEO on their side along with Martian Manhunter and James Olsen as the Guardian, they will still need to recruit more heroes for Winn and James' small group and along with Siobhan Smythe as an occasional member, CW should introduce Beetle, Beast Boy and Terra, known as members of the teen titans to appear as heroes to aid Superman and Supergirl against General Zod and his forces.

6.CW needs to have about 23 episodes ordered and have the series resume airing new episodes on Mondays.

Now to make sure all of this is contributed before CW starts developing the plot of the next season's episodes, please contact the following officials to CW and ABC to make sure all the following happens,

Andrew Kreisberg

Ali Adler

Greg Berlanti

Sarah Schechter

Arrow Writers Room

Marc Guggenheim

David Guggenheim

and to

Designated Survivor to make sure they do acknowledge our request

and the man to persuade CW into getting filming on Supergirl season 3 to start in June

Mark Pedowitz

then sign the petition if you are all willing to make this happen!

We all want the series to keep up its excellent streak of potential amazement so let's hurry before anymore critical updates happen next month or sometime before they get started!

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