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Supercell - Hay Day Unban the Misbanned

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We DEMAND to know why certain high level players have been banned. We are concerned about your procedures that obviously ban good players and allow bad players who cheat to continue playing. I mean am I next, are you, who makes these mistakes?

Reading through your terms of service, obviously you have to cover every aspect you can; however 99% of all players break your terms of service - while still not cheating. It would be nice in your generic "This account has been temporarily banned for 14 days due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions (I assume you mean terms of service) This is your first and final warning.

Care to explain what violation you THINK was broken? And can we see proof? Some people are very good at playing the game and maybe trading for items they need, so they are NOT cheating.

You guys received an investment of $1.5 billion from SoftBank and GungHo - use some of that money to fix your bots to detect violations in your terms of service - cause we know that don't work obviously - and to the person that runs your support - invest some money in support and quit telling everyone to use the in game support - pretty damn useless in this case isn't it. And look at your likes on your support pages - when you have 5 people who like the help topic, and over 400 who don't like it - you are doing it wrong.

You can contact me at and I will supply the two members that I know of that you mistakenly banned. Also I think that once you figure your mistake out, you will owe these two ladies an apology, and maybe reward them for their unnecessary time off from the game.

I just hope this glitch or mistake gets fixed before more innocent people get banned from your game - eventually this will affect your financial bottom line as these people who you claim cheat, actually spent money on diamonds in the game. Therefore they will no longer be able to purchase your diamonds. If you make this mistake often enough you will continue to lose money.

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